Welcome to the website for the Dilly of a Pickle FFXIV Discord Community, North America Cross-world Linkshells, and Free Company!

A dilly of a pickle is an especially tricky, difficult, or troublesome situation. We’re here to prevent you from ever being in that position because as a pickle you are never alone; pickles are always in jars with other pickles!

We are a casual, social, newbie-friendly, PG-13/SFW, anti-trump, pro LGBTQ+ & ally group for adults to discuss FFXIV, share memes, share screenshots, make friends, run instances, talk about real world issues (politics, world events), etc. If this interests you, please join the discord server, cross-world linkshell, and/or  free company today!

The cross-world linkshells exist on all North American data centers; Aether, Primal, Crystal, and Dynamis.

The Free Company is located on the Seraph world in the Dynamis data center. The FC house is located in Lavender Beds - Ward 5, Plot 6!

To request an invite to a linkshell, the free company, or both please join Discord using the link below and go to the #fc-cwls-invite-request channel.

To join the Discord server please click the link: https://discord.gg/rcAkvh9QyC

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