Hanami Mei / Era Rune

Server: Exodus (Primal)

Address: Mist Ward 17, Plot 52 and FC at Empyreum Ward 5, Plot 1

Main Jobs: SMN/AST/RPR

Interests: MSQ, raiding, crafting, pretty much everything!

Other Facts: Two cats, one dog, one rabbit, and one bearded dragon live in my house. Semi-professional horse girl. Writer. If I'm not playing FFXIV, I'm probably playing Dwarf Fortress.


Meet the staff!

Baja Blast (Maduin) / Khal Gesi (Goblin)

Let's just go FERAL!

Address: Maduin LB21-10

Main Jobs: MCH/WHM/WAR

Interests: Dungeons, crafting, gathering, watering sprouts, AFKing in Limsa

Other Facts: Cat parent x2 irl. Weeb. Chocobo is named Crunchwrap

Baja can often be found sitting AFK near the Limsa aetherite, or gathering items for crafting. He gets entirely to excited over new players, and is always happy to answer questions or give a little pat. When prompted, he will talk your ear off about gardening, and is also happy to answer questions about the topic.

Tulgey Wood (pronounced like Tuhl-jee)

Server: Faerie

Address: FC house on Faerie is Shirogane Ward 11, Plot 58

Interests in FFXIV: I like to take screenshots, farm for mounts, do casual newbie-friendly raiding, and the MSQ

Interests outside of FFXIV: I like to read, I am interested in pollinator friendly/native gardening, I like to grow pumpkins, and I am a licensed wildlife rehabber.

Drakena Took

Server: Faerie (Aether)


Being new to FFXIV, I spends most of my time still completing the MSQ (Currently on Shadowbringers!). When I'm not doing that, you'll find me doing parkour in Limsa, hanging around the Gold Saucer, or doing some sort of RP with friends!

Outside of FFXIV -  I love creating 3D art, building indie games, and will talk your ear off if you bring up anything NieR related. 

Paper Weight

Server: Goblin (Crystal)

In game: You can usually find me chasing rare achievements, collecting mounts and minions, or AFK'ing near the main aetheryte in New Gridania! But, I am always happy to join in shenanigans and adventures!

Out of game: I'm just as silly irl as I am in the game! I like to read and write, travel, do photography, and eaaaat! Oh, and I may or may not drink enough coffee to see time itself. oops.

Dilly Pickle (Seraph) / Kitkat Whiskers (Faerie)

Sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don't.

Main Jobs: BRD, DNC, SMN
Interests: Housing, Leveling, PVP
Other facts: just ask!

Poop-skates banana-cakes!

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